Mr. Struggan sends his regards.

The Mr. Struggan Foundation's February Loan

Wilson and Nico here. It is our pleasure to announce the recipient of The Mr. Struggan Foundation’s February loan, powered by

Each month, Mr. Struggan will be pledging a $25 loan to a borrower on Kiva’s website, which helps connect loan applicants from around the world with people who are willing and able to provide them with the funding they need. These microloans can go a long way towards helping people, especially in parts of the world where typical banking infrastructures are inadequate or do not exist.

This month’s Mr. Struggan Foundation loan recipient is Sarah, a 32 year-old mother of two who works for her local town council in Uganda as a health inspector. A loan of $450 dollars will help pay for the construction of rental homes she is building.

Please consider helping Sarah out; she is only $425 dollars away from getting her loan fully funded. For lenders new to Kiva, use this invite link to sign up, and The Mr. Struggan Foundation will receive an additional $25 for our endowment. Once you sign up, you can become a Foundation Member by joining our Lending Team, where you can track the Foundation’s progress and attribute your own lending activity to the fund. After two months of progress, our endowment currently sits at $50.

Mr. Struggan sends his warm regards.

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