Mr. Struggan sends his regards.

Terms of Search

Hello everybody, Wilson here. Mr. Struggan and I have been hard at work the past few days on a new project, which we are very pleased to announce to you today. 

Terms of Search is a new art project based on Google Images. From Mr. Struggan’s artist statement:

Terms of Search is an exploration of what happens when the only thing you are searching for is what the algorithm thinks you’re searching for. In a new context, Google’s index of images becomes an art collection, and the algorithm is the curator. All you need to plan an exhibition are the right terms of search. 

Our inaugural series of exhibitions are based on Google’s products; Earth was yesterday’s search term, and today’s is Maps. Mr. Struggan and I sincerely hope you hop on over to and check out the project and give us a follow if you feel so inclined. 

Mr. Struggan sends his regards. 

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